Saturday, May 19, 2007

Zombies!!! Card tray and playing piece bins.

This is how the box should have been designed...

Whoops! I have been working on trays for my Zombies!!! game and TWICE I freakin' miscalculated. At least on the first tray I caught it on the mock-ups. I just finished the larger tray which is supposed to optimize space in the box and it did just the opposite... Not sure what I was thinking. I guess I was a little rushed when I started designing the schematic. I even printed it today once and saw before cutting it was off and missing parts and edited it. Oh well.

New schematic done.

The one thing that sucks is that I am running out of paper. I get these design magazines that have paper sample in them - you know the ones that are all stiff and make it difficult to thumb through the magazine? I have been using those cause they are pretty heavy. I'd guess 60#-100# card stock. Plus, because they are printed on, they make interesting trays.

The card tray:
tray finished mockup 2
The mockup shows what it looks like with the cards in the tray

The playing piece bin-tray:
Second tray (actually a bin)
Nice - but way too big for its intended purpose

The re-engineered bin(s)
finished bins with pieces bins in the box
After making a bin that worked, I decided to make two bins with subdivisions for all the game pieces. Bonus, the bins are designed to be used during game play.

Naturally, I ate out of bins!
eating out of bins
Bins keep things neat.

For more pictures and description:
Flickr set for the playing card tray

Flickr set for the playing piece bins

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