Saturday, June 14, 2008

Can I compost Cardboard?


"Cardboard adds lots of great carbon to a compost heap. It rots down quicker if it's wet and torn into small pieces (the tearing is also easier if it's damp). If you've got a lot of it, try to alternate layers with other matter."


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Cardboard Sound Box (A place for listening)

story and more

"Re-Furnished" Recycled Cardboard Chairs from University of Idaho Student Designers

Story at (several pictures)

REUBINMILLER FYS (Finish Your Self) junior Cardboard chair

Story and more pictures

from Tobias Putrih’s “Macula” series, shapes cut from corrugated cardboard

story at NYT

Pair of FRANK GEHRY Easy Edges side chairs of laminated corrugated cardboard.


Hack a Cardboard Box into a DIY Solar Oven

From Lifehacker: "Eco-friendly weblog The Daily Green details how to turn a cardboard box into a DIY solar oven for a little weekend fun in the sun. All you'll need is the box, some construction paper, tin foil, plastic, and a few other items you're likely to have around the house, and when you're done you'll have a full-fledged cardboard cooker."

[via Daily Green]

Lifehacker has a Flickr photopool from those who have attempted this project.