Sunday, October 21, 2012

Taiwanese Restaurant Made of Cardboard

The Carton Restaurant in Taichung City's Carton King Creativity Park is made entirely of cardboard. To remove any fears the chairs may collapse, the staff prove they can hold over 300 lbs or two people. Click for picture

Carton King Creativity Park is a wonderland of  creative paper products. In addition to the restaurant, it features the Carton King, decorated with paper toys such as trains. The Honey Museum  offers visitors a peek into the busy lives of bees.

WMU Bigelow Hall Cardboard Boat Race

Three teams from Western Michigan University Bigelow Hall competed in a cardboard boat race on Gabel Natatorium's swimming pool.

The cardboard boats were requiered to carry two crew members across the pool and back. Each team had only one hour, cardboard, and ducttape to build their ship. One boat, surprisingly, held up to four crew members before a fifth sank it. The student hope to make this an annual event. Click the link above for a picture.

Amazing cityscapes made from cardboard

These are some fantastic creations by set designer of New York, Paris, and other famous cities made from cardboard.  Click to see picture. 

Calvin College Annual Cardboard Canoe Race

In Rapids, MI students at Calvin College navigate Seminary Pond in canoes made of cardboard. The canoes are made from cardboard, trash, plastic, and ductape. The race is part of home coming festivities and features prizes for Best Looking, Fastest, and Largest Crew. Click to see a picture.

Bike made from cardboard

An Isreali company has make a bike from cardboard and recycled materials. There are no metal parts. It is both fireproof and waterproof. It weighs less than acoparable bike made of metal. The green-friendly bicycle will sell for about $15.

This bike has a potential to improve conditions in developing contrives by making travel over long distances more accessible. Other version of the bike will be made with a motor, for learning, children sizes, and even a wheel chair model!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

An Ode Written about Cardboard

Cardboard is beautiful
especially when exposed
Revealing the ridges
hidden beneath

Like Teak or Oak
its moving color and texture
are alluring

I like my cardboard in large pieces
The larger, the less limited 
the potential

Cardboard is experimental
Cardboard is gold
Cardboard can be cut
And Cardboard can fold

I found a piece of cardboard today
and breathed my fingertips across it's surface
inhaling the hair-like filaments it grows
listening to the harmony it sang

Cardboard is beautiful
especially when exposed
Cardboard can be cut
and Cardboard can fold


T. Curtis 12/22/2008

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Annual Cardboard sled race

Grand Forks holds Annual Cardboard Sled Race where participants build and decorate their own sleds. Click to see video