Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wii Controller Holster

Everyone needs a place to store the controllers! My latest frozen pizza box project is a Wii controller and nunchuck holder.

raw materialsholster in actionStep one: Sketch out the idea

See my Flickr photo-set.

frozen pizza box
dry cleaning hanger
X-acto knife
white glue

Step one: sketch out the pattern on a piece of paper. The controller pocket is 1.5 x 1.25 x 6 inches. The nunchuck pocket is 2.5 x 1.75 x 5 inches. That back piece is 5 x 6 inches. I used an extra 2 in on three sides, folded back and glued down to re-enforce the back piece, make it stiffer. The hanger is bent to fit the end of my desk.

Step two: carefully open the glued end of the frozen pizza box . Using the ruler and pencil draw the pattern on the cardboard. You should be able to get both pockets on one side of the pizza box.

Step three: DOUBLE CHECK THE DIMENSIONS. My first pass through I made two controller pockets. Didn't realize it until I glued them down. Had to tear it apart and reglue new pockets.

Step four: Carefully use the X-acto and ruler to cut out the pockets and back piece. Use the back of the X-acto to lightly score the folding lines.

Step five: Bend the folds. You can lay the ruler against the bend to help keep the bend straight.

Step six: Once all the pieces are cut and bent, start gluing the pockets. I glued the pockets first before I glued the back. It's best to use a scrap of cardboard to spread the glue evenly and completely.

Step seven: Carefully bend the hanger to the dimensions you need. I used some pliers to help. I began bending by making the hanger straight. For the hanger that is under the cardboard its best to extend both ends so they overlap.

Step eight: lay out the bent hanger and carefully cut two holes just below the fold on the back. You should be able to insert the hanger without unbending it. Once the hanger is in, you can glue down the flaps. Its ok to liberal with glue on the area the hanger is against the cardboard.

Your done! Give it time to dry before using.

Extra: you can paint it or color it!

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